Planning your wedding

Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable occasion. We guarantee that your stationery planning will be enjoyable and stress free.

Please use these helful pdf files  and wording formats to assist you.

Font examples

Ribbon examples 1 2 3 

Invitation wording examples 

Invitation wording format

Guest list format

Information examples

Labels format

Order of the day examples Order of service examples

Order of service/Order of the day format

Children examples Gift examples

Save the date examples

Menu options examples

Menu option format

Table plan format   Single table plan format

Table name examples


Prices & How to order

  1. Prices
  2. Choose your design
  3. Submit your stationery information
  4. Review your 'wet-proof' design
  5. Payment and delivery
  6. Additional stationery, menus, order of service etc.
  7. Final payment and delivery

1. Prices

Save the Date: From £1.75

Day Invitation with envelope: From £2.50

Evening Invitations with envelope: From £1.99

RSVP Card: From £1.10

Information Card: From £1.25             

Order of Service/ Ceremony: From £2.50

Table Plan: From £50.00

Table Names/Number: From £2.50

Place Cards: From £1.00

Thank you Cards: From £1.00

Wedding Card Box: From £14.99

Favours: From £1.50

Choose your design

Browse the Paper Treats website gallery and choose the design(s) you would like to use for your wedding stationery.

Tip: Book a consultation and spend the day out in the beautiful Cotswolds with us and we will guarantee an enjoyable experience!

 2. Submit your stationery information:

Guest list: Start to compile your guest list.

Invitation details, information and RSVP details. Examples are availableT the top of this page to assist you with what to include.

Once you have completed your wording, send them through by email with your deposit and you will receive your wet proof.


3. Review your 'wet-proof' design

Once we receive your order form, information and £50 deposit  we will send you a wet proof of your invitation design. Please proof and return it signed as your approval to commence your order. If there are any amendments a pdf will be sent showing your changes. Please be aware nothing will be printed until you are happy with your design, so there is no need to worry.


4. Payment and Delivery

The final balance for your invitations will be due once the wet proof has been approved for printing. We will contact you as soon as your order has been completed to discuss the most suitable option for delivery. We are always on hand to discuss any queries along the way.


5. Additional stationery

If you are ordering additional stationery: Place cards, Menus, Order of service, Table plan , Thank you cards etc.  please submit your details in your account section and we will process these a month prior to the wedding date.

Order of service and Order of the day: Examples are available throughout the process to assist you with what to include.

Tables: Name your tables or number your tables? Here you can start early on your table plan and move guests about.

Menu: Whether you choose the menu for your wedding breakfast or your guests have a choice simply enter the courses.

6. Final payment and delivery

Payment will be due a month prior to the wedding. We will contact you as soon as your order has been completed to discuss the most suitable option for delivery.

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Announcement Stationery

Save the Date

Give your guests plenty of time to plan for your special day. These can be sent up to a year in advance. Especially if you are planning a summer wedding during the holiday season or a Destination wedding.

view save the date designs

Wedding  Invitations

Send these out at least 3 months before your wedding date so you can receive the RSVP's back in good time to plan. Or if you just cannot wait to announce your big day send them out as soon as you want to. The earlier the better.

Evening Invitations

For Guests attending the evening celebrations only.

Information & Directions Card

Always appreciated by yours guests are the Information and direction cards. This can include a map and valuable directions to your wedding venue. Also helpful notes on surrounding hotels in the area and to keep your guests informed of events taking place during the wedding weekend if they are staying over at the hotel.

Menu Options

If your guests are fortunate to have a choice of menu this is the best way to organise their selection. Organised to perfection!

RSVP cards

A quick and efficient way for guests to reply and an accurate way of keeping a track on the numbers attending.

Attendants Request

Send your bridesmaids a beautiful card asking then to play an important part of your special day.what a lovely surprise and a very special touch.

Bridal Shower

Invite the Girls for an excuse to party and have lots of fun. Extend the celebrations and make the most of your pre wedding activities.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is usually held in a private home or a restaurant. At some point during the evening, the best man offers a toast to the bride and groom. The groom then follows with a toast to his bride and her parents. The bride may follow with a toast her groom and his family.

Hen Party & Stag Night

More than likely a weekend that you will need to organise. Send an information pack with hotels and area highlights if you are thinking or going afar. Entice as many friends as possible to join you on your Hen/Stag night. Have fun.

Ceremony Stationery

Venue Welcome Board

As the guests start arriving at the Venue, a warm welcome greets them at reception.

Ceremony Seating Plan

Which is the Brides' side? This beautiful Seating plan showing your guests at a glance which area they need to be seated in.

Seating Reservation Cards

For the 'Who's Who' of the Wedding Party. Have a stylish reservation card placed on the seat e.g. this seat is reserved for the 'Mother of the Bride' It will make them feel al the more special.

Order of Service

This provides guests with a guide to the service /ceremony and also for hymns, readings and special notes.

Order of the Day

This gives a guide to the structure of the day as it unfolds especially if you are having a break in between and need to re-convene in the evening.

Reception Stationery

Table Plan

A fabulous and organised way for guests to see at a glance, where they will be sitting for the wedding breakfast. As the primary focus to the reception area it will look beautiful in your colour theme.

If the Venue is a considerable size...

Table Name

These may be personalised to the theme of your day or simply numbered. We have used fantastic ideas which our couples have inspired. Whiskey Society, Musical, The colour Pink, Countries, Mountains etc.

Favours & Thank you cards

A small token of appreciation for your guests these can be for the tables at the reception of left in their rooms if they are staying over in the hotel, along with a special note card. Especially if you want to specifically thank guests who have travelled from afar or overseas.

Place Cards

Personalises the place setting for your guests and makes sure every one is sitting in their correct seat.


A delightful way to tease those taste buds and keep guests informed of the forthcoming gastronomic delights.

Bar Tags

For wedding guests only. To be presented at the bar by your guests when you do not wish to pick up the tab for persons not included in your wedding party. Can be used repeatedly or as a single gesture 'free drink' from you both.

Stationery order time table

Tip: e.g. "We are getting married in July."

Choose your Design and place your order online.


Contact Paper Treats for  a consultation

Finalise your personalised design and proof all wording.
Don't panic!
Please call us directly (01386 701635) to complete your stationery request.
We will endeavour to complete all orders that come through.
When do we commence production?
Approx. three weeks after the wet proof has been signed off by yourself
When to send your invitations
Christmas weddings and Holiday months should be at least five months before
RSVP date
By May
Aprox. three weeks after the invitations are to be posted, as this keeps the responses prompt

Ordering the correct amount of stationery

Paper Treats recommends the following;

  • Save the date, 1 per household
  • Day invitation, 1 per household
  • Evening invitation, 1 per household
  • Order of service,1 per person or 1 per couple (remember to add one for the Vicar and organist etc)
  • Order of the day, 1 per person or 1 per couple
  • Ceremony Seat reservation cards, 1 per member of the wedding party and parents
  • Table plans, 1 for up to 100 Guests, 2 for over 100 guests
  • Table numbers/ names, 1 per table
  • Menus, 1 per guest or 3 per table
  • Place cards, 1 per person
  • Thank you card, 1 per household

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